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June 7, 2021
SemeruAI FuseProject NLP

Hello, welcoming our new born baby, Fuse Project! an Indonesian NLP model in REST API.

TLDR; Fuse is our side-project which are focuses on developing Indonesian NLP models, anyone can try the model here: https://fuse-id-nlp.herokuapp.com/docs

A few months ago me and my friend Repapheng were having a conversation about current NLP models especially for Indonesian language. Fun fact is, We both are graduated student with NLP as focus research for final thesis. However, we both are working not in NLP area, yet… Me, mainly doing backend engineering and sometimes still developing or trying to implement some NLP models. In daily basis, Repapheng is a good DevOps engineer.

So, we have an idea to catch up with the latest update of NLP development and developing Indonesian NLP Model. Instead of only learn by ourself and doing everything only in Google Colabs or our own Jupyter environment. then we have an Idea to publish what we already done, so more people can try the model and give us positive feedbacks for improvements.

For those who are interested about what we already done, you can see all the API docs here: https://fuse-id-nlp.herokuapp.com/docs#/

curl -X 'GET' \
  'https://fuse-id-nlp.herokuapp.com/readme/changelogs' \
  -H 'accept: application/json'

We are currently limiting the API request since the environment and our resource are very limited, hence we need to register your email to get the credentials and use as login to get a simple jwt to authenticate to the model.

curl -X 'GET' \
  'https://fuse-id-nlp.herokuapp.com/readme/' \
  -H 'accept: application/json'

Not much to say right now, but we (I and Repapheng) are expecting to do more research and expand our models for everyone who are interested.

please stay tune… :)

ps. this post will be a new series about journey of our new born baby project, we hope you enjoy it :)

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